About Me

Made by Rueben is a Sydney based furniture and homewears brand that began in 2016 by Rueben Bloom.

I grew up on the Northern Beaches, spending much of my younger years blessed to be surrounded by nature, especially walking around the rocks at my local beach. Both my parents are very creative, which has inspired me to appreciate the beauty of this world and find inspiration from everything that surrounds us.

In 2013 mum had a serious accident, leaving her extremely depressed so I created a basket from a vine growing in our garden to cheer her up. This was the catalyst for starting my business and soon after I received my first order.

To this day, mum is my 'product advisor', so when I create something new, I make sure to run it past her first. 

I enjoy collecting recycled objects and reclaimed timber that I transform and craft into something beautiful. Searching locally for these materials is rewarding as it is significantly more sustainable.  

This drive to create sculptures and handmade gifts started as early as I can remember. I'm grateful it's developed into my full time job.  


- Made by Rueben strives for a conscious design and manufacture process whilst aiming to continuously push towards a sustainable future.